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Cat eye gemstone specialist Cat eyes are mystical and magical powers and healing stunning performance of course magnificent jewel embellishment. Therefore, this gem cat's eyes are often regarded as a success and wealth enemies and dangerous security stone. Wonderful effects cat eye gemstone is available to our global Indian astrologers believe that astrology Shastri solution maximum.

Cat eye gemstone specialist This magical cat's eye gemstone must put yourself in gold and silver, steel or platinum rings and his weight of not less than 3 carats. Again, this gem must be the most appropriate point in time waxing moon is about two hours on Saturday or Thursday to attend a person's left hand little finger after sunset. These remarkable cat’s eyes should not be the pearl ruby red coral or yellow sapphire taking self Ketu is not compatible with these gems owner.

Cat eye gemstone specialist astrologer

Cat eye gemstone specialist astrologer This magic gemstone unmet better concentration of work creative imaginations and thoughts intellect and knowledge optimism penetrating sagacity for the good judgment and courage to tackle challenges and provocative situations He promotes qualities of self-discipline serenity generosity farsightedness clarity of thoughts and discriminatory intuition This helps in the acquisition of occupational success and reputation and causes good luck fortune wealth and luxuries in the life. They admire much for this miraculous gemstone to clean obstacles and obstacles protecting the established reputation and the business and removing the bad effects of witchcrafts or malignant spirits. This protects the bearer of hidden or open enemy offers the safety against diverse dangers and losses and avoids a jail poisoning drowning and malignant spirits.

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